Technical Museum Foyer

Marvelled by Technology

What do you think about when you think about science and technology? While designing the new foyer interior for the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology in Oslo, we were fascinated by how great an impact the past one hundred years has had on our society. That’s rougly two generations—not much time at all when you think about it.

Science and technology concerns the history of medicine, oil and gas, hydroelectric power plants, transportation and music machines. About 100 years ago, cinema was invented. Everything modern society has to offer has been enhanced by science.

With this in mind we realised that the gateway to an exhibition is as important as the exhibition itself. It marks the beginning and its end. This foyer aims to inspire children, adults and families to spend time at the museum for an afternoon, or perhaps a whole day, while providing a space that is pleasant to hang out in.

Hereby we set out to design a new reception area, ticketing booths, shop, hangout spaces, and hallways. Initial site research revealed a large variety of different use cases and activities taking place in the foyer, and large groups of school children taking over the space.

Inspired by the value of the open-plan concept, seen in many of Artisan’s other projects, we strived to design a highly intuitive space, that is both calm and versatile; something we achieved through custom furniture and decor. More importantly, we indentified key points in balancing the scale of new reception desk and its placement to guide visitors into the exhibition areas, the new shop and café/restaurant area.

Creating a fresh take on this foyer was a challenge we embraced, by working with digital tools and hands-on craftsmanship, to create a historically inspiring and atmospheric space that combines vernacular and contemporary objects in wood, stone, and metal. The raw elements and an expression of the hard work and effort that our ancestors put into creating our society, which is exactly the point of science museum.

The new foyer marks the beginning and the end of a journey through history and science, where you can hang out with a coffee while waiting for a friend, or letting your kids explore the science shop.

Project Information

  • Client: Teknisk Museum
  • Location: Nordre Aker, Oslo
  • Status: Completed, November 2018
  • Concept, Production and Art Direction: Artisan Tech (Damian Williams)
  • Photography: Oliver T. Edwards